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“Getting Things Done”: Projects, Next Actions, and Contexts

Last time we started to talk about “clarifying”, figuring out what some piece of “stuff” means to you.  We talked about Trash, Reference, and the Someday/Maybe list.  Now we’re going to talk about what happens when something is actionable. This “episode” of the series is big. It contains one of the most clever tricks of … Continue reading “Getting Things Done”: Projects, Next Actions, and Contexts

“Getting Things Done”: Clarifying

A couple posts ago I covered the complete workflow summary, and then I told you lots of things about capturing stuff.  Now we’ll talk about the “clarifying” steps, where you decide whether something is: trash, someday/maybe, reference, or actionable. Is this thing trash? Very simple: If you’re not sure if something is trash, then it isn’t (at least … Continue reading “Getting Things Done”: Clarifying