I curse the Eddorians

I’ve noticed some remarkable similarities between a classic of pulp space opera and a classic of ancient religion.  If you don’t want spoilers for either Zoroastrianism or the Lensman series by “Doc” Smith, you should stop reading now. Not every Zoroastrian would agree with every single point herein (the non-omnipotence of the Wise Lord, as … Continue reading I curse the Eddorians

I pledge myself to the well-spoken word

Yesterday’s tragic shooting in Tucson has given me much pause for thought. See, I’m part of the problem in some sense. I don’t carry a gun to political rallies (or anywhere else).  I don’t publicly call for the “targeting” of politicians or the use of “Second Amendment remedies”.  But in private?  In private, with my … Continue reading I pledge myself to the well-spoken word

A letter from our correspondent

Sir: Recent events of a medical nature notwithstanding, your humble Correspondent wishes to make known his renewed Will to transform the course of events in his Local Universe, or in the Parlance of the day, to “shake things up a bit”. Operations to this end have already commenced, and additional ones are planned, upon the … Continue reading A letter from our correspondent

Burning the priest at both ends

“Soul Care and the Roots of Clergy Burnout” If we wonder why Temple 31 kinda flamed out, this is definitely one of the reasons I hadn’t thought much about. The need to plan, prep, organize, clean, email, devise lessons, etc. just took a lot out of me (already had a full-time job, after all) and … Continue reading Burning the priest at both ends