Tzaddi “is not the Star”

The verse in The Book of the Law where it’s mentioned that the Hebrew letter Tzaddi “is not the Star” led to Crowley doing some weird gymnastics with the Tarot trumps and their attributions.  This was recently discussed on Reddit (in /r/thelema).  Reddit user “Do_What_Thou_Wilt” has an excellent page with excruciating detail about Crowley’s solution … Continue reading Tzaddi “is not the Star”

Estates 101: Decisions, Decisions

Strictly speaking, this entry in our series isn’t about estates.  It’s about things that are harder to quantify and to legislate.  But it fits the general theme of “things you should know when, or preferably before, someone close to you dies.” This article is going to be the heaviest of the series, both in length … Continue reading Estates 101: Decisions, Decisions

Estates 101: Directives and Documentation

Okay.  This is the section of the series that I probably need to say the least about, because every other thing you hear about preparing for death nowadays tells you to have a living will.  But there’s a lot more you can do to prepare your loved ones to make some decisions which are not … Continue reading Estates 101: Directives and Documentation