The Jonestown “Day After” Tape

Lots of people know about Jonestown, the settlement in Guyana led by “Rev.” Jim Jones, and its tragic mass murder/suicide* on 18 November 1978. Many of those people know about the so-called “death tape” (transcription here), which is a cassette tape recording of Jim Jones and a few other people talking as the murder/suicides begin: Jones explains … Continue reading The Jonestown “Day After” Tape

Tzaddi “is not the Star”

The verse in The Book of the Law where it’s mentioned that the Hebrew letter Tzaddi “is not the Star” led to Crowley doing some weird gymnastics with the Tarot trumps and their attributions.  This was recently discussed on Reddit (in /r/thelema).  Reddit user “Do_What_Thou_Wilt” has an excellent page with excruciating detail about Crowley’s solution … Continue reading Tzaddi “is not the Star”

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