Hangul Part 2: Jamo

All right.  In the previous post we talked about how syllable blocks fit together in Hangul. Now we’re ready to break down the song’s title into its individual jamo.  Remember that a jamo is a Korean “letter”, and that in Hangul you pack the jamo into blocks of two or three symbols to make syllables. “gang” Let’s … Continue reading Hangul Part 2: Jamo

The amazing Hangul system, part 1: Syllables

My friends know I love languages and linguistics.  Today I wanted to share with you one of the most amazingly elegant and beautiful writing systems in the world: Hangul (also spelled hangeul in English, but properly spelled 한글 in the system itself), the system used for writing Korean. In order to approach this — and I hope … Continue reading The amazing Hangul system, part 1: Syllables

JFK Part 2: The Evidence

Okay.  Having reviewed the timeline of events during those infamous Four Days, we will next summarize the evidence that Lee Harvey Oswald was the assassin of President Kennedy.  We’ll dig deeper into some of the questions and doubts in the next post. The connection between the two murders If Oswald murdered Officer J. D. Tippit, while it … Continue reading JFK Part 2: The Evidence

The disappearance of Lord Lucan

John Bingham, seventh Earl of Lucan.  Dashing playboy.  Rich, handsome, gambling bon vivant.  Reportedly considered for the role of Bond. Probably murderer. In 1963 he met and married Veronica Duncan. By the early 1970s, his hard-play lifestyle and her post-partum depression were taking a toll on the marriage. By 1974, wanting custody of his children … Continue reading The disappearance of Lord Lucan

The Jonestown “Day After” Tape

Lots of people know about Jonestown, the settlement in Guyana led by “Rev.” Jim Jones, and its tragic mass murder/suicide* on 18 November 1978. Many of those people know about the so-called “death tape” (transcription here), which is a cassette tape recording of Jim Jones and a few other people talking as the murder/suicides begin: Jones explains … Continue reading The Jonestown “Day After” Tape