Hangul Part 4: The King

Korean was originally written using Chinese characters, much like Japanese was, because both Korea and Japan looked at China as the big refined center of culture and civilization in the world. But Chinese is a terrible script for Korean, arguably worse than it is for Japanese, because Korean loves to form words with tons of prefixes… Continue reading Hangul Part 4: The King

Hangul Part 3: Style

Okay.  “Gangnam” was easy: two syllables. Why is “Style” written as three syllables?  There’s two linguistic reasons for this: clusters, and diphthongs.  Bear with me. Clusters I told you that Korean doesn’t like consonant clusters in syllables.  One at the beginning and one at the end at most.  So the “ST” at the beginning of… Continue reading Hangul Part 3: Style

Hangul Part 2: Jamo

All right.  In the previous post we talked about how syllable blocks fit together in Hangul. Now we’re ready to break down the song’s title into its individual jamo.  Remember that a jamo is a Korean “letter”, and that in Hangul you pack the jamo into blocks of two or three symbols to make syllables. “gang” Let’s… Continue reading Hangul Part 2: Jamo

JFK Part 3: The Questions

Now we look at some of the reasons why the Warren Commission’s conclusion — that Lee Harvey Oswald killed JFK, acting alone, not part of any conspiracy (a.k.a. the “Lone Gunman” theory) — is so hotly disputed. I cannot begin to cover every conspiracy theory possibility out there.  As I said in a previous post,… Continue reading JFK Part 3: The Questions

JFK Part 2: The Evidence

Okay.  Having reviewed the timeline of events during those infamous Four Days, we will next summarize the evidence that Lee Harvey Oswald was the assassin of President Kennedy.  We’ll dig deeper into some of the questions and doubts in the next post. The connection between the two murders If Oswald murdered Officer J. D. Tippit, while it… Continue reading JFK Part 2: The Evidence

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JFK Part 1: Timeline

With the release scheduled for 26 October 2017 of additional FBI and CIA documents pertaining to the case, and with November bringing the 54th anniversary of the incident, I decided I would talk about the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Before I talk about it, I’d like to remind you that my “mysteries” series… Continue reading JFK Part 1: Timeline

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