About Shawn

I’m Shawn Knight, and this is my website.  I’m an eclectic, esoteric person living in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States, Earth.

Interests and hobbies

My more academic interests include but are not limited to philosophy, science, Egyptology, Esperanto, linguistics, history, comparative religion, spirituality, and paranormal phenomena.

I am available, as my full-time work schedule permits, for speaking engagements or discussions on a variety of subjects, generally those on my interests list.

Once every week or two I meet up with some friends to play board and card games, especially “German-style” resource management games.  A few times a year I go for a nice weekend road trip to go hiking in central Pennsylvania, or to visit friends in Ohio or eastern PA.

Other leisure activities include reading, playing guitar, cooking, cricket, language construction, window shopping, watching British comedy, and having a good argument.

Personal life

I am happily married to an unconventional woman in an unconventional way.  I dislike children (with rare exceptions) and intend to never have any of my own.

I live in Pittsburgh. That’s fairly unlikely to change, though you never know what the political or meteorological climate could be like in 5 years.


I am a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University.  I hold a B.S. in Physical Sciences (interdisciplinary major) with a minor in Physics.