Project: Nephthys statuette

Problem: I don’t have a Nephthys statuette for devotional purposes that I like. I have two that could serve, but neither is great. One is the figurine of her that came with her issue (#27) of the Hachette Publications series The Gods of Ancient Egypt, which is a weird little set of magazines, I guess intended for educators perhaps, about the gods. There’s 100+ of them and each one came with a cheap little plastic figurine of a god! And one issue was Nephthys. (With 100 gods in the set, damn right she better be one of them.) I have two copies of the figurine, both gifts from someone who shares my love of the gods; the paint job they gave her is terrible, so I’ve lovingly repainted one with Testors model enamels, and it looks much better. But it’s still tiny, just 12 cm (4.75″) tall including the base.

The other one is my reproduction of the statuette of her from Tutankhamun’s canopic equipment. Somewhat more respectable in size (17 cm / 6.7″), but still a bit small for my tastes, and while the execution isn’t awful, it annoys me because it’s inauthentic; the head turns to her left like the real statuette of Selket, whereas Nephthys turns to her right (as does Neith). Also the goddesses have veeery slightly different facial features and my repro, of course, also looks like Selket. (Most of the mini canopic-goddess repros are modeled on Selket since she’s the one who toured the US in the late 1970s.)

So I’ll be making my own. Wood base, aluminum wire armature, polymer clay flesh/hair/clothes, acrylic gold and polychrome finish. I’m going to make her to the same scale — 9″ (nearly 23 cm) tall from soles to top of head, extra for base and her name-glyph — as my very good quality statue of Thoth, so that if I put them together in my shrine, they’ll be proportional.

Of course if Nephthys goes well then I will likely also want to make Amun, and Ma’at, and perhaps Isis, and and and …

Progress photos will come in subsequent posts.