“Getting Things Done”: Some decisions

All right.  In the previous post we discussed the all-important Weekly Review. Now that we’ve laid all the theoretical groundwork in terms of processes and “bins”, let’s talk about some decisions that you’ll make in setting up and maintaining your system. Personal vs. Professional Should I use one single system for both my professional and… Continue reading “Getting Things Done”: Some decisions

“Getting Things Done”: The Calendar and the “Waiting For” List

It’s been a few weeks!  Last post we talked about how projects break down into next actions, and how Next Actions should be classified by the Context in which you can do them, so you’re not always looking at every single thing you want to do when you’re not in a situation where you even… Continue reading “Getting Things Done”: The Calendar and the “Waiting For” List

“Getting Things Done”: Projects, Next Actions, and Contexts

Last time we started to talk about “clarifying”, figuring out what some piece of “stuff” means to you.  We talked about Trash, Reference, and the Someday/Maybe list.  Now we’re going to talk about what happens when something is actionable. This “episode” of the series is big. It contains one of the most clever tricks of… Continue reading “Getting Things Done”: Projects, Next Actions, and Contexts

“Getting Things Done”: Clarifying

A couple posts ago I covered the complete workflow summary, and then I told you lots of things about capturing stuff.  Now we’ll talk about the “clarifying” steps, where you decide whether something is: trash, someday/maybe, reference, or actionable. Is this thing trash? Very simple: If you’re not sure if something is trash, then it isn’t (at least… Continue reading “Getting Things Done”: Clarifying